January 20, 2010

A Child thinks they are prepared when a parent declines in health, however, in my case, the stress I had experienced before finding Carefree Manor, was taking its toll. I wanted to do my best to see Mom taken care of in a safe, loving environment. When I came to interview with you, I noted the beautiful view, the softness of the surroundings, and the peaceful décor. Then I observed your cooking and baking, and thought it would be a wonderful place for mom to experience her days.

You helped me through all the paperwork, endless questions, the decisions I had to make, and all the time, I experienced your authentic care in dealing with my mom and the trauma of her injury and the transition to this living space. She soon adapted, and today, she offered (unsolicited) that she was “happy, happy, happy” with her living at Carefree Manor. She eats and sleeps well, and loves her room and roommate. I appreciate the time you spend with me in talking about her care. You always have good insight, and it helps me greatly.

I would recommend your beautiful place to anyone who wants to see their loved ones taken care of in a professional way, yet, with lots of love, good food, and a happy staff interaction. That means so much to me, and our family.


Michael and Patti Schuster