April 17, 2004

I'm having a hard time finding the words to describe the both of you. The total commitment to your Alzheimer's patients is far and above the call of duty.

I am a true believer that without the both of you and your staff, my mother would have not reached 90 years old. If you had to spend the amount of time on everyone like you did my mother, it would make a long day even longer. Your love for my mother and her trust in you made everything go much smoother.

Just imagine if you had to feed everyone by hand as you did my mother. You would be putting in a day and a half every day. As you very well know, the closeness and confidence between a patient and, in this case, her caregiver is a very special thing, and you and your staff get an A+ for your work.

Every time I bring my mother's name up, your name comes up automatically. I will always remember you, and every Sunday when I go to church, you will be in my prayers.

Thank you also for your hospitality.


Much love forever,

Ronald T. Landucci